Ebby the Magnificent
NW Jessica Julian

Some of my favorite books as a child were the Wizard of Oz series and the Tales of Narnia.

I loved the fantasy world that coupled animals and humans and books that made the animal characters the heroes. But there was a lot of death, war, and cruelty in them, too.

When I grew older, I traveled the world, visiting art museums along the way. I wrote travelogues of my adventures for several hundred friends.

10 years ago, I started painting and dividing my time between a small village in Croatia and my home in the Pacific Northwest. 

Covid-19 put a stop to our travels in March 2020, so I instead wrote and illustrated a fantasy adventure story called Ebby the Magnificent

Ebby is free of violence and cruelty.

With over 80 full-color paintings, and 256 pages long, Ebby is for children and adults alike from 8 to 108.

Website:  Jessica Julian