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I served as the Visitor Center manager at Bonneville Lock and Dam for about 27 years. I had a huge amount of institutional memory, interesting stories and photos to share.

If anyone is interested in an in-depth understanding of the history, inner workings, and inspiring stories about the National Historic Landmark known as Bonneville Lock and Dam, this has it all and more.

There are about 280 photos and illustrations, important speeches, explanations about how the dam has changed since being constructed as a Great Depression Public Works Project.

Readers will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of this Pacific Northwest icon.


Pat Barry enjoyed an inside view of the dam as a Park Ranger whose job was to give tours, tell stories about the dam, and shape the visitor experience for a half million people a year. 

For an in depth article on Pat Barry’s amazing book read this Columbian News Article, “Bonneville Lock and Dam” author “had the best dam job”.

“Park rangers excel at inspiring people,” Pat Barry writes in his very big book about the truly huge Bonneville Dam — which also excels at inspiring people like Barry, who worked as a park ranger and visitor center manager there for 32 years. That’s a long time to work anywhere, but Barry retired still in love with the place.” taken from above article.