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I wrote “Rose to the Rescue” in response to what seems like a disturbing trend – that many children seem to feel the need to constantly look at screens.

Watching and playing on screens does not provide the depth and flow that comes from playing make-believe.

Using their minds in an immersive game of make-believe is satisfying, and allows for the development of abstract thinking and social skills.

It also allows them to simulate and safely control the experience of strong emotions like fear.

In “Rose to the Rescue” the children put down their screens and have a fun and exciting time together simply pretending with their toys.

David’s screen time is up, and there’s nothing fun to do!

But with the help of his younger sister Rose, they use ordinary toys and their imaginations to have an exciting and heroic adventure in “Dinosaur Land.”

This adventure, at times both thrilling and a little scary, calls for teamwork and bravery.

In the end, they find themselves safely home, welcomed by Grandma and a comforting batch of warm cookies.