M Lee Musgrave
M Lee Musgrave

Literary Titan Gives *****5 Stars for Off Kilter by M. Lee Musgrave

In the thriving and evolving art scene of Los Angeles, a mystery envelopes the community and James Terra, a well-known artist, seems to be at the center of it all.

With one minor accident after another, James begins to realize that everything that is happening to him and his loved ones may all be connected, but the reason for such intentions always leaves him blank.

As he begins to connect the dots, he slowly realizes that someone powerful has other plans for the art community, and his role in the scheme of things is far larger than he expected.

Off Kilter, by M. Lee Musgrave, is a compelling novel that packs the right amount of art, romance, and mystery that keeps its readers intrigued with every chapter it throws.

From the start of the book, the author’s writing style will have readers drawn further into the storyline and drama.

The author has a fantastic method that mixes creative and descriptive writing, beautifully enhancing the imagination of readers for each setting and what takes place in it.

Furthermore, the way each clue was gradually given was well thought out, unlike some mystery novels that offer a “savior” in the novel that immediately solves the mystery.

Instead, this allows the audience to piece together the mystery in their own time, identify the culprit, and bask in theories based on what they have read.

For somebody unfamiliar with fine arts, I could comprehend the parts of the novel that heavily feature it and dig up clues that the author wanted me to get from the conversations and descriptions. Moreover, I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys mystery novels.

The setting of the story is one of the most famous places in the world, the City of Angels.

It takes place in current times, during the rise of COVID-19, so it will be easy for readers to imagine the world the novel built.

Off Kilter is the exciting sequel to M. Lee Musgrave’s first mystery novel, Brushed Off.

This romantic thriller keeps readers engaged and on edge as the mystery slowly unfolds. Readers will love following along as James discovers who is behind all the trouble that plagues him in this fascinating new mystery thriller.

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