Pastries and Peepers
NW Gina Mercado

Gina Terwilleger Mercado is the author of the new children’s picture book Birdy Flies, which tells the tale of a baby bird navigating her way outside of her comfort zone.

Gina writes in various genres, including poetry, short story, and educational materials.

She is working on a novel of semi-autobiographical fiction, Just Once, as well as a five episode mystery with shenanigans series, Li’l Lady Truck Driver.

Her first publication, Journeys through Love and Leaving: A Collection of Poems, Short Stories, and Such, contains a journal of poems, short stories, and illustrations, beginning with a teenager’s perspective and ending with that of a young widow’s.

A tutor for over 35 years, she has written many phonics stories and compiled a set of Phonics Practice workbooks under the name Miss Gina’s of Camas.