Susan Cole has lived on or around sailboats for over thirty years. Between sails, she earned a B.A. at Barnard College, an M.A. at Columbia University, and ran a market research firm in New York. She recently published her first book, Holding Fast: A Memoir of Sailing, Love, and Loss and is working on her second book.

Susan was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She has lived in New York, Connecticut, Florida, Mexico, and New Orleans. She recently moved to Vancouver, Washington, to be near her daughter and baby grandson, and enjoys hiking the spectacular trails in the area and tending her garden.

Susan’s first book HOLDING FAST: A Memoir of Sailing, Love, and Loss is the story of leaving everything behind to follow her husband’s lifelong dream of sailing away. Many people dream of escaping reality but few actually go.

Blond, blue-eyed, irreverent John bursts into Susan’s life in her twenties with a dream of sailing off. Susan dreams of settling down and doesn’t want to go. A three-year voyage with their young daughter profoundly changes their lives. A gripping adventure story and an inspirational memoir of finding our power in the unlikeliest of places.

Website: Susan Cole