Shipped to Argentina - Book
Accidentally Locked Out
Paola Kay

Paola Kay was born in a small town in southern Germany. Her love for writing began at an early age but it wasn’t until 2020 that she set out to fulfill her lifelong dream.

Her debut picture book, based on her family’s dog, Zorro, was published in 2023.

When Paola is not writing, she is a Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner.

She has helped children and adults heal in the hospital setting for over a decade.

This work has shaped her writing to contain messages of positivity, resilience, love, and inclusivity.

Paola lives in Portland, Oregon with her spouse, kids, and two Boston Terriers.

Author Shawn P Cooney

Shawn P. Cooney is a storyteller who finds inspiration in the colorful tapestry of his own life.

With a boundless imagination and an uncanny ability to craft vivid scenes within his mind’s eye, Shawn employs his photography expertise and a unique “eye through the lens” perspective to breathe life into his creative visions.

This talent finds its pinnacle in the conceptual designs of his captivating Zorro the Boston Terrier book series, where each illustration is a canvas for shared visions, brought to life by Shawn and his creative partner, Paola.

Shawn’s creative legacy extends to his other published work, The Giving Planet, where he adds a contemporary twist to the beloved “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, merging timeless wisdom with modern sensibilities.

Outside of his artistic pursuits, Shawn is the owner of NW Injury Care, a wellness center in Portland, OR, where he practices as a physical therapist.